Sunday, December 8, 2013

seattle pest control

Seattle Exterminators & Pest Control Services

General Exterminator Services in Seattle, Bellevue, Redmond, Kirkland, Mercer Island, Issaquah, Medina, Kent, WA

Whether your problem Current and/or preventative treatments for ants, spiders, wasps,bees, hornets, rodents,termites,Bed bugs, flies,Roaches beetles,birds and fleas. We will eliminate pests from your home, office, restaurant, or multi-housing property. We are a locally owned, family business

Seattle Exterminator Service Plans available as well.

Guaranteed control while on service plan. Insect Pest Exterminators / Bug Pest Control Q&

Ant Control: Ants everywhere and they keep coming, How do i get rid of these small black ants?

Spider exterminator / Spider Pest Control: I hate walking in these spider webs every morning,what can i do?

Wasps Control: I don't wanna get stung by the wasps around my house

Hornet Pest Control: I keep seeing hornet around my house ,Will the come inside my house

Beetle Control:What is making holes in my wood furniture?

Rodent Control: I hear noises in my attic ,walls ,Crawlspace ,How did they get in?

Fleas Control: I keep wondering where these flies are coming from?

Bed Bug Treatment / Bed Bug Exterminator Seattle : How did i get bed bugs and whats the fastest way of getting rid of them?

Seattle Bed Bug Treatment services

Need help getting rid of bed bugs? Don't wait to get bed bug treatment when bed bugs bite! Bed Bug Treatments are customized to fit the enviroment and situation.

Nuisance Ants

Sugar ants,Pavement ants,Odorous Ants
Wood Destroying Organism treatments
Moisture ants
Carpenter Ants Control
Powder Post Beetle treatment
Subterranean Termite treatment

Seattle Bird Control / Bat Control

Bird Control / Bat Control:  Home,office,business buildings 
General Pest and Wood Destroying Organism Inspection
For refinancing and buyer's reassurance not for real estate transaction. Price will be used towards any service treatments purchased with in 30 days of inspection.

Seattle Rodent Exclusion

Includes sealing vents and holes around concrete foundation using 1/4 inch steel screen.
Seattle Rodent Control
Rat Extermination Seattle
Mice Removal

Seattle Mouse Control / Rat Control

Complete Rodent Exclusion: Price may vary do to type of foundation. Includes: Digging around foundation , installing pea gravel in trench, and sealing holes in vents to crawl space using 1/4 inch steel screen.

Crawl Space Clean Out

Includes: Removal of vapor barrier and insulation, sealing of holes leading into the structure while it is exposed, new vapor barrier installed, new R-30 insulation installed, and deodorizing of crawl space.

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